Surgical Errors: Crucial Mistakes that lead to Medical Malpractice

There’s a lot at stake when a physician is performing a surgical procedure. Almost any procedure involves some degree of risk of a complication, and it is up to the surgeon to ensure that such a possibility remains extremely unlikely. Unfortunately, there are times when crucial mistakes are made in the process and patients end up suffering terrible consequences. In these cases, the physicians performing the surgery can be found negligent and responsible for an incident of medical malpractice.

One common mistake that lead to surgical errors happen before the patient is wheeled into the operating room. The pre-operative planning stage necessitates physicians to become familiar with their patient’s medical history. This includes learning of information regarding their past medical conditions, possible allergic reactions to certain types of medications, as well as genetic predispositions to certain diseases and ailments. Failure to gather all the necessary information could lead to a physician making use of a specific technique or medication that is incompatible and inappropriate to the patient’s current medical condition and medical history.

Another cause of surgical error happens during the surgery itself, when the physician, as well as the surgical staff, becomes negligent during the procedure. Incompetent performance can cause a doctor to accidentally damage an organ near the site of the incision or leave items such as lap pads and sponges inside the body cavity after suturing the incision. This particular mistake causes the patient to suffer from an infection after the surgery. An anesthesiologist who isn’t paying close attention to the patient might mistakenly give the wrong dose, endangering the patient through the course of his or her procedure.

In some cases, mistakes can also happen after the surgery is completed. Aside from ensuring that the procedure is successful, physicians and other hospital staff are also tasked to make sure that the patient is able to recover properly. Crucial mistakes happen during this step in the process when doctors and nurses become neglectful in post-operative care, failing to spot signs of infection and other complications.

Surgical error attorneys at The Sampson Law Firm also point to other instances of surgical error, such as mishandling of surgical instruments, incorrect surgical procedures, and improper suturing. View more about other mistakes that lead to such devastating outcomes.

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