Common Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs. Workers are surrounded by construction equipment, debris, tools, and other objects that can potentially injure or kill them. Since construction sites are hazardous environments, construction accidents are not that uncommon.

According to an informative article from the website of Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, there are legal reasons to put construction accidents to court, especially if the accidents involve violations and general negligence.

Construction accidents are preventable, and the first step you should take to prevent them is to know the most common construction accidents.


Construction sites have the tendency to have exposed wires, power lines, and electrical systems that are not yet fully constructed. For this reason alone, the workers are at risk of electrocution, something that can be fatal especially to those who do not have basic electrical safety knowledge.

Equipment Accident

Construction workers use a lot of machines and tools, and those things are not free from defects and malfunctions. From big machines like bulldozers and cranes to small tools like nail guns, all of these are a potential threat and should be adequately maintained and properly used.


Exposed wires, flammable chemicals, gas leaks, and pipe leaks are some of the most common causes of explosions in construction areas. Compared to other hazards in construction sites, this is not very common, but can be fatal ones it occurs, or at least cause injuries such as burns.

Falling Objects

This is a particular danger to construction projects that have more than one level. Debris, equipment, and tools can fall and hit construction workers below. At its worst, the falling object may be very big and heavy that the impact can be fatal, like in the case of cranes.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Construction sites are very busy places, so it is likely that workers need to navigate through construction materials, debris, exposed wires, holes, and slippery substances like grease and oil. These objects can potentially make workers slip, trip, or fall, resulting into injury or even death, especially if the fall is high enough.

The key to a safe construction area is following safety procedures and regulations. It’s a two-way street. Both the construction company and the worker should make the effort, to prevent injuries, death, extra financial costs, and lawsuits that can arise from hazardous construction areas.

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