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Witnessing the Consequences of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents most frequently happen in the three days surrounding New Year’s Day, perhaps understandably, but not justifiably. It is never a good idea to drink and drive, which is a crime in all states in the US, and yet car accident lawyers frequently handle cases where the driver was impaired from alcohol consumption.

The most common injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents range from minor scratches to life-changing damage to the spine or the brain, and often it is a lopsided occurrence. A face-off between a passenger car and an 18-wheeler truck, for example, can be catastrophic for the car passenger whilst leaving the truck driver unscathed. This is the reason why truck drivers are held to a higher standard of care than regular drivers, and still Chicago truck accident lawyers routinely handle claims of serious injury or wrongful death against negligent truck drivers and/or truck companies.

It seems that no matter how vigorous the campaign to improve road safety, drivers just don’t understand the responsibility they take on when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Because of the size, speed, and weight of even a small passenger car, it is equivalent to having a loaded gun when handled by an irresponsible person. If a reckless driver is lucky, the only damage sustained is to property, but unfortunately, this is not the case as West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers know only too well.

With the current power of social media, perhaps actually witnessing the consequences of motor vehicle accidents through video would have a greater impact on drivers than current awareness campaigns. Most people react to news of accidents with a shrug of their shoulders, but it is much more difficult to shrug off the image of a toddler flying out of a vehicle hit by a speeding, impaired truck driver.